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About us


It all started with a strong liking for mathematics. When I was still in school, I was happy to immerse myself in numbers and I did well in their world. I realized that the further professional path should be related to them and I began to consider the specialty of accounting. Now I know that it was the right choice. Accounting is what I can do best

In the long run, accounting became not only my job, but almost a hobby, because I was very interested in it and had the goal of finding the most acceptable and useful solutions for various businesses. I have always raised the bar for myself to be an accountant who knows her work particularly well, and can advise or offer solutions in various situations. I believe that an accountant becomes one of the company's most important choices when forming a team or seeking external cooperation.

Accounting is a dynamic field

Accounting is a dynamic field in which it is necessary to constantly live, be interested in it and keep pace with changes. We founded "D&R accounting" in order to offer our clients quality and professional services that are good to represent. During consistent and many years of work, we have made sure that orderly and reliable accounting is a companion of a successful business. Accurate accounting, knowledge of business-friendly and important laws, prudence and experience lead to a sustainable and growing business. The accountant becomes responsible for the proper application of laws and their knowledge, therefore she carries considerable responsibility.

We have been working in the field of accounting since 2016. We deepened our experience not only in different areas of accounting, but also by working with any business. The practical experience allows us to offer smart, money- and time-saving solutions for your business, which is especially appreciated by our customers.

"D&R Accounting" are members of the Lithuanian Accountants and Audit Association (LBAA). Currently, one of the founders of the company, Dovilė, is seeking the title of Professional Accountant in this association, which LBAA gives only to accountants with relevant experience and who have passed 3 exams. It is important to note that only about 141 people in Lithuania currently hold the title of Professional Accountant.

You probably already understood that our values ​​are knowledge and quality. This ensures superior results, which leads to total customer trust in us. Our goal is to provide professional accounting that is beneficial to our client and follows current laws and their changes.

D&R Accounting carries out:

  • accounting,
  • personnel accounting,
  • commerce accounting,
  • consulting on accounting issues.

It is extremely important that the accountant has deep knowledge of accounting, so we are glad that our many years of experience allow us to offer this to you. Diligence and responsibility become inseparable companions of our business, which create long-term mutual trust.

Let's create the financial success of your business together!